Are you looking for an exciting and alternative way to engage and stimulate a class or group? Why not consider one of our graffiti art workshops!


Our structured workshops can be fully tailored to suit your requirements and are taught by experienced, professional artists all holding valid PVG/CRB certificates. Generally our workshops are on an outreach basis, so we come to your venue to teach and work with the group in a familiar environment.

Our Graffiti & Street Art Workshops are perfectly suited to:

  • Schools
  • Youth & community groups or charities
  • University & college clubs or societies
  • Company team building exercises

From the wise-beyond-their-years to the young-at-heart, we can cater to almost all age groups! The youngest we recommend is 5 years of age.


We have a proven track record of delivering successful art workshops with all of the above groups, both within Edinburgh and across Scotland. Using graffiti and street art is an ideal way to connect generations and explore creativity through contemporary means, breaking down traditional barriers to the art world. Learning through these purpose-designed and structured sessions whilst drawing upon and developing artistic ideas promotes confidence, creative thinking, independence and a positive attitude and disposition in the participant. All this whilst brightening up your surrounding environment!


Our workshop lesson plans cover the following:

  • A brief history of the graffiti and street art movement
  • Brainstorming & sketching session to develop ideas
  • Using spray paint responsibly
  • Materials demonstration & safety brief
  • A guide to basic painting techniques
  • Creation of the artwork – this can include developing graffiti lettering, characters, backgrounds and stencils using spray paints, paint markers or a combination of both
    Evaluation of the work completed

Workshops can be based around any relevant theme or issue of your choice – just let us know!


Workshops are tailored to your requirements, from a 1 hour crash course to a full day or recurring weekly sessions: whatever works best for you!


Generally, for your convenience we come to you – bringing all the necessary equipment and materials, making it simple and hassle free. The primary tool is the traditional spray paint can, but we can also use special paint markers if required. Depending on your desired objective, be it a permanent spray painted mural or small pieces for display or to take home, we can suit the workshop to the surface. This could be painting on to walls, boards, canvasses or posters: whichever suits your space, surroundings or budget.

If space is tight and you require a venue, please get in touch and we will do our best to accommodate your project.

Whilst slightly more expensive than a normal spray can, an odourless, water-based spray paint that can safely be used indoors is now available on request!


Every workshop is different and the requirements vary from project to project. Pricing depends on the number of participants, materials and length of the course. Please contact us for a free, no obligation quote tailored to your requirements or budget.

Looking for one-to-one or group tuition on a regular basis? Visit our Classes page for details of our weekly classes and how to sign up!

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